megg (forgottenfaces) wrote,

prom so wasnt anything i expcted! hyaha its so hard to type right now cause my nails are so long.
well favian and austin picked me up from my house and didnt call when they left so i was still getting ready whebn they got tghere. favian looked so good. i was so glad we looked and matched almost perfectly. i hated the way my hair came out but whatever. its all good,. we took pictures at my house then drove to the macaroni grill in palm springs. EVERYONE was eating there it was insane. tons of people from diffrent schools too. but we had reservations so we basically walked through a 1 hour wait. we went to starbucks and all the workers were awwing over my dress which really wasnt that great. lol we got to prom took pictures the went outside to meet everyone so when dave nikki cody trav sabrina kristin alex and kyle showed up we went to the van and drank melon sky vodka which is so fucking good no chaser needed. omg. yummm. the cody has this smart idea to tie the flask to his leg and take it in with our luck they werent searching people so we got away with it. lol we were drinking and dancing. and it was crazy. everyone wanted some so cody and i started telling people they could only get some if we got a kiss. so that was fun. lol i danced with favian most of the night but when that one song from a cinderella story (the i'll be the greatest fan of your life song) the song that is officially mine and travs song came on trav asked me to dance and it was so adorable. i seriously wantd to cry. then in like two mins prom was over.

we had so much trouble with the hotel cause rachel didnt book it properly. so everyone just said fuck it and we drove to motel six and got hooked up with rooms for 30 bucks. it was crazy. cody's hott ass brother asndrew met up with us there and got us alcohol. haha he kept telling me that i should be a model and let him take pictures of me. haha. it was out of control. we went drunk swimming and trav almost drowned cause he coiuldnt stop laughing haha and dave peed in the pool hahaha. and trav and i went on a mission to find the ice machine. the cops came and all the extra people had to leave they looked in the room and saw alkl the beers in the tub and all we got was a "be careful" hahaha.

but yea that was prom it was so mcuh more then what i expected.
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